Statewide Meeting: What's Next for 2018?

Celebrating Our Power, Planning for 2018

Over 50 representatives from Coalition organizations throughout California met in Oakland for the annual Statewide Meeting at the California Nurses Association on November 15.  Coalition leaders celebrated the historic passage of the New Parent Leave Act (SB 63) and big victories in child care expansion this year. We recognized our resilience and the collective impact we made as a coalition in 2017, and strategized the ways we will continue our fight for family-friendly workplaces in the coming year.  

Our Collective Impact in 2017 

Our strength as a Coalition is in bringing diverse organizations together to pass legislation that works. This year, we measured our collective impact as we worked to expand Paid Family Leave to more new parents. In 2017:

  • We met with 67 legislators’ offices at the Capitol and in our own districts in support of SB 63 (Jackson), winning 12 weeks of job-protected parental leave for 2.7 million more California workers.

  • We trained 465 advocates on their California Family Leave Rights.

  • Together we engaged 350,000 affiliate members and 130,000 clients in our education, outreach, and legislative campaigns.

Help us complete the picture by filling out our Collective Impact Survey, so your efforts may be included too.

Danny Contreras sharing how Paid Family Leave not only gave him time to bond with his new baby, but also time to help his stepson heal from the trauma of witnessing domestic abuse. Danny is a prominent community advocate and educator on Paid Family Leave with the Coalition. Read more about his story. 


Looking Ahead to 2018

At the Statewide Meeting, Mitch Steiger of the California Labor Federation and Mariko Yoshihara of the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA), gave an update on the current political landscape in the state.  Coalition members discussed, prioritized, and voted on potential campaigns for 2018, including working on expanding job protection for family caregivers, education and outreach on Paid Family Leave (AB 908 - wage replacement and SB 63 - job protection; both go into effect January 2018!), infant and toddler child care funding, lactation accommodation, expansion of the Family School Partnership Act, and protecting and expanding paid sick days laws.  The Legislative and PFL Advocates committees will meet to review priorities and plan next steps.

Renata Moreira, Executive Director of Our Family Coalition, participates in a work group discussion of policy priorities for 2018 at the Statewide Meeting

Support the Fight for Family-Friendly Workplaces - Donate Today!

Donate today and help us hit the ground running on our legislative and education/outreach campaigns in 2018. We are raising funds to start mobilizing to meet with state and federal representatives, and to print and distribute a new 6 Key Laws poster.  It includes new laws we helped pass - SB 63 (job protection for parental bonding) and AB 908 (increased wage replacement for Paid Family Leave).  If your organization is a member, you can renew your membership today by paying your annual dues. Dues-paying members are eligible to be part of the Coalition's decision-making processes, and they help build our capacity to hold statewide meetings, lobby days, and trainings. Every donation goes a long way toward helping build a statewide and national movement for health, equity, and family-friendly workplaces for all!

Bay Area: Leadership Training Opportunity

Rise Together is accepting applications for the 2018 Leadership for Equity & Opportunity (LEO) Program, a Bay Area learning-in-action program that equips community change makers from all sectors to produce extraordinary results for systemic and equitable change. Several of our Coalition members have found this to be a unique opportunity for personal leadership transformation, while developing new partnerships and new ways of working in teams and on projects. Apply by January 10th.

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