May Newsletter

Great news! Coalition priority bill, SB 63, the New Parent Leave Act, passed out of the state Senate on May 29. Thanks to Coalition members for your hard work and advocacy in support of family health, well-being, and economic security. Onto the Assembly!

Work Family CA Lobby Day

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with our Work Family CA Lobby Day on May 22nd. It was a huge success!


"As a first time participant, this advocacy day was dedicated to my children. Being the voice for so many families at the Coalition lobby day was life changing." - Rebeca Pacheco Hidalgo, IBCLC 

California Work & Family Coalition members from all over the state came to the Capitol to advocate for SB 63 (Jackson) - the New Parent Leave Act - which will give 2.7 million more Californians job protection when they take leave to bond with a new child.  New parents, health care workers, breastfeeding advocates, small business owners, as well as immigrant rights, union, worker center, and child care advocates came to meet each other and speak to their representatives — many were lobbying for the first time. Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson rallied our group, encouraging us to be bold and continue pushing for what all families need. Patrick Henning, Director of the Employment Development Department (EDD), also spoke about the important role the Coalition plays in ensuring Paid Family Leave works for all California families, and how important it is for new dads to be able to take leave and bond with their children. 

Coalition Members Go Out of Their Way to Fight for Families

Tanya Reyes and her family outside of their Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s office in the Capitol.

Organizers and health care providers from Clínica Romero in Los Angeles drove all the way up to Sacramento to take part in the lobby day. And Breastfeed LA and Long Beach Breastfeeds organized a whole group of new moms and lactation consultants to come from Southern California. Tanya Reyes, a Los Angeles teacher and member of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) and Breastfeed LA, came with her husband and one year old baby. They were turned away at the gate of their early morning flight due to a mix up about their baby’s boarding pass. However, they were determined to advocate for SB 63, and traveled from Burbank to LAX to board the next Sacramento-bound flight. Tanya said she was privileged to take bonding leave with her daughter and she wanted to stand up for this right for all families who struggle to hold down a job and care for their families: “If I’m fighting for the right to breastfeed, I can only imagine how great the fight can be for people – I was honored to stand beside women from all backgrounds,” she said.

Our members met with over 40 legislators’ offices – we are forging strong relationships with them and each other. We can’t wait to do this again next year!

Get involved: Join a Coalition district visit to your Assemblymember! If you are interested in helping with the campaign to pass SB 63, e-mail us at

Senator Jackson with Ryan Breslin, a new dad currently on Paid Family Leave, who joined his wife Angela Breslin from Child Care Law Center on Lobby Day. He came out to lobby for SB 63 so all dads can take bonding leave.

Coalition Members Train new Trainers on Family Leave Laws in Oakland

On May 4th, the Coalition held its second California Family Leave Rights Train the Trainer at the California Nurses Association Oakland headquarters with Legal Aid at Work. We trained 30 new leaders on how our complex family leave laws work for new parents and caregivers. This month, we also held our first statewide call of Train the Trainer participants to share updates on how they are using the training and to support each other. If you are interested in helping organize, host, or join a Train the Trainer in your area, let us know at We need trainers and leaders statewide to make sure our laws work for everyone.

Coalition Members Testify Before the Senate Select Committee on Women, Work, and Families

Coalition Director Jenya Cassidy, Oakland Parent Voices Director Clarissa Doutherd, and Sharon Terman from Legal Aid at Work joined national family leave expert Ann O’Leary and spokespeople from business, health, and child development to testify on the importance of job protection for Paid Family Leave at the Senate Select Committee on Women, Work, and Families on May 3. 

Please donate today to help us continue to grow and win family leave rights for all Californians. This summer, we will be in districts and the Capitol speaking to legislators on how to expand accessibility to paid parental leave, as well as organizing more trainings and events. Be a part of this work and help make it happen! Donate here:

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