Being There When it Matters Most - May 2016 Newsletter


This year the California Work & Family Coalition set out to boost equity, awareness, and utilization of CA Paid Family Leave; to increase family-friendly benefits and fix policy gaps; and to shift cultural norms around work-family policies. Now, just 4 months into 2016, we have a lot of milestones to celebrate.

In April alone

  • Governor Brown signed AB 908 (Gomez) a historic move that expands California’s Paid Family Leave ensuring that more low income families benefit.

  • San Francisco became the first city to provide fully paid parental leave.

  • And Los Angeles passed a robust paid sick days law!

These are great victories. But there is still work to do. Awareness of Paid Family Leave is low in low income, new immigrant and young worker communities. And many California workers still don’t have the right to take time off when their family needs them most. The Coalition is working on passing a bill - SB 1166 (Jackson) - which would allow new parents to take 12 weeks of job-protected bonding leave. We have also launched a Paid Family Leave and paid sick days outreach and education pilot project with Clínica Romero in Los Angeles. This has already shown success in building community awareness and engaging patients and health care workers in activism around paid sick days and Paid Family Leave. Based on this model, we have developed an online toolkit, and will be expanding this education and outreach work to more clinics and community-based settings in the next year.

We are asking for your help to build on the recent momentum around Paid Family Leave and paid sick days. It is a crucial time to educate California workers about their rights around Paid Family Leave and paid sick days. Join our outreach and education campaign by donating to the Coalition today. Funds raised will go towards printing and distributing our popular “6 Key Laws for Working Parents” posters, holding “Know Your Rights” family leave laws trainings, and engaging more health care workers in education and outreach.

Join us by donating today!

Jenya Cassidy
California Work & Family Coalition

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