Keeping the Fight to Help Working Families - January 2017 Newsletter


Happy New Year!

We hope you all got to recharge and spend time relaxing with loved ones at the end of 2016. Here is a look back at some victories we had last year, and exciting opportunities to continue protecting and supporting working families.

2016 Statewide Meeting

At the annual statewide meeting in November, Coalition members met to plan the work ahead. We reaffirmed our shared vision of a world where all people have the time, resources, and support systems they need to care for themselves and their families and to lead meaningful, healthy, and happy lives. We agreed on the importance of Coalition-building and lifting up each other’s work while also celebrating our victories and planning for 2017.

In 2016, we had some big wins to celebrate including the Governor’s signing of AB 908 to enable more low income families to benefit from Paid Family Leave, the passage of the first fully-paid parental leave law in San Francisco, and the passage of paid sick days in Los Angeles with one of the most inclusive definitions of family in the country.

In spite of the Governor’s veto, our work on the New Parent Leave Act (SB 654) strengthened us as a Coalition:  We engaged new leaders and legislative champions through our district visit campaign, we worked with the health care community to make the connection between working conditions and the health and well-being of workers, families, and communities, and the bill passed the Assembly with bi-partisan support!

We also did some ground-breaking work with our clinic-based pilot project to ensure low income, new immigrant, and Latino workers have access to Paid Leave.

Forging Ahead in 2017

We plan to build on our successes through new legislative campaigns, expanding our clinic-based outreach program, and building connections to more California organizations working to protect and expand the social safety net and create equitable, healthy workplaces and communities.  If you would like to get directly involved, please e-mail us at and let us know if you are interested in joining one of the following committees:

  • Education & Organizing – Community Education and Leadership Development
  • Advocacy to Shift Norms – Campaign to Recognize Employers for Family-Friendly Policies
  • Legislative – Organizing Campaigns for Family-Friendly Workplace Legislation
    • Job-Protection Sub-Committee –  Legislation Expanding the Right to Family Leave
    • Elder Care and Aging Workforce Sub-Committee

Help Us Expand and Grow

Great news! The California Work & Family Coalition received a matching grant of $10,000 from a national partner to kick-start our fundraising for our outreach and education work in 2017. If you make a tax deductible donation today, it will go twice as far and will ensure more Californians have the time and resources they need to be there when their families need them most. You can make a tax deductible donation here.

At the Statewide Meeting, Coalition organizations agreed on a new dues structure to support our work together. Click here to pay dues or learn more about the benefits of becoming a member organization. We really appreciate the support from our partners and members. It is more important than ever to organize and build strong Coalitions. We’re looking forward to facing new challenges and working together in 2017. 

You can also follow us on Twitter @WorkFamilyCA and like us on Facebook.

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