Black Lives Matter

We are mourning the loss of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the countless Black people whose lives have been mercilessly taken by racist police and vigilantes.

All of us are living in a world that is sitting on top of centuries of slavery. The Civil Rights movement may have been dismissed by many when Dr. Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated in 1968, but we know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that racism is nowhere near eradicated in our country.

Racism is a system that continues to oppress, discriminate, and kill Black people, and it is being propped up by neutrality, acceptance, and avoidance.

We stand with the Black community in saying enough is enough. We are taking action against racism as an organization by making room for more Black voices in our advocacy work, by raising awareness of organizations who are doing anti-racism work, and by supporting policies that bring justice and equality for the Black community.

We all need to take action to uproot racism in ourselves, our communities, our workplaces, and our homes. The violence and systematic oppression of the Black community needs to stop. Change cannot happen until we each do our part to create a world where we all are afforded equality, freedom, and justice.

If there is anyone in our community who wants to share anti-racist resources, organizations, or movements that the Coalition should be aware of, please reach out to us at We are here to help.

Together, let’s stand up and create change.




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