Virtual Advocacy Day AB 3216 and Governor Newsom’s PFL Budget Proposal




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Paid Sick Days


@legislator if we want to #slowthespread of COVID-19 workers need more paid sick days so that we can quarantine if we get sick. Please vote yes on #AB3216. We are #essentialnotdisposable, please vote for policies that value our contribution to the economy.


@legislator This pandemic has laid bare how undervalued our workforce is. We need paid sick days, right to rehire, and job protection to take care of ourselves and our families. Please vote yes on #AB3216 and @CAgovernor’s Paid Family Leave Budget Proposal. 


@legislator Several cities in CA have already passed 80 hours of emergency sick leave incl. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Jose. Getting paid sick leave should not depend on where you live. All Californians should have access to paid sick days.


@legislator Countries that did not provide paid sick leave from day one were among the hardest hit in the current pandemic, including the United States. Source: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17441692.2020.1764076


Gender Equality


@legislator Nearly 1 out of every 4 U.S. workers in frontline industries is a mother caring for minor children. Women of color and immigrant women are overrepresented among mothers in frontline industries. Vote yes on #AB3216 and the PFL budget proposal. Our mothers need better


@legislator Research shows that job-protected family leave increases women’s participation in the labor force and makes new mothers more likely to return to work after childbirth. Vote yes on @CAgovernor’s Paid Family Leave Budget Proposal.


@legislator Research shows that fathers who take parental leave are more engaged with their newborns and help share the load at home, further promoting gender equity at home and at work. Vote yes on @CAgovernor’s Paid Family Leave Budget Proposal.


@legislator More than 1.4 million Californians work for employers with fewer than 5 employees and these workers can legally be fired for taking leave to have a baby or recover from birth. Vote yes on @CAgovernor’s Paid Family Leave Budget Proposal, to protect parents from being fired for having a baby.


Job-Protected Paid Family Leave


@legislator 40% of workers can be fired when taking Paid Family Leave because they work for an employer with fewer than 50 employees, even though most pay into the SDI through tax contributions. Please vote yes on the PFL budget proposal. Our families need better.


@legislator CA now falls behind several states. MA, NY, OR, and RI have job-protected paid family leave programs that provide leave w/o limiting access based on size of employer, length of time w/ employer, or the # of hours worked. Vote yes on PFL budget proposal.


@legislator Family leave improves health outcomes and is associated with increased immunizations, preventative health services, and shorter hospital stays. Job-protected paid family leave is an investment in our public health. Vote yes on the PFL budget proposal.


Right of Recall/Worker Retention


@legislator #AB3216 will provide worker retention, which protects workers from being replaced when the business ownership changes, as may happen rapidly as owners face losses, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. Can workers count on your yes vote?


@legislator Local precedent for right of recall policies exists. Santa Monica adopted a right of recall policy after 9/11, resulting in workers in local hotels getting their jobs back when the tourism economy bounced back. Treat workers as #essentialnotdisposable by voting yes on #AB3216.


@legislator Economists recommend keeping workers connected to their jobs to speed economic recovery and temper the financial dislocation caused by the pandemic. Vote yes on #AB3216 so that workers can have the right of recall to bounce back after this pandemic.


@legislator The workers hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic are non-citizen women—immigrants with green cards, work visas, or who are undocumented—with nearly 1 in 3 losing their jobs between Feb. 15 and April 18. Vote yes on #AB3216 so that these women can return to their jobs.


Good for Business


@legislator The governor’s budget contains financial assistance to small businesses so they can get back to work while also providing basic, necessary benefits to their employees. Taking care of workers is NOT bad for business. Vote yes on #AB3216.


@legislator Studies on paid sick leave show that ability to stay home when sick reduces the spread of respiratory and other infectious illnesses to coworkers, thereby reducing productivity loss and decreasing the risk of spreading illness to customers and clients. Vote yes on #AB3216.

@legislator Turnover, recruitment, and training costs for new employees cost roughly 20% of the original worker’s salary. Employees who can take protected leave to care for a family member are less likely to leave their jobs, which reduces the financial burden to their employers that comes with replacement. Vote yes on #AB3216 and the PFL budget proposal.


@legislator According to the Department of Labor, wage costs per worker and turnover rates have dropped since the Paid Family Leave program was introduced in California. Vote yes on #AB3216 and the PFL budget proposal.


@legislator A year and a half after New York City’s strong paid sick days law took effect, the vast majority of employers said the cost impact was minimal or non-existent and 86 percent expressed support for the law. Vote yes on #AB3216 and the PFL budget proposal.


Saves Government Money


@legislator Workers without paid sick days are more than 1.3 times more likely to receive public assistance, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, rental assistance and child care supports – even after controlling for income and other relevant factors. Vote yes on #AB3216.


@legislator Workers without paid sick days are more likely to seek treatment at an emergency department. If all workers had paid sick days, 1.3 million emergency room visits could be prevented each year in the United States, saving $1.1 billion annually. Vote yes on #AB3216.


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