Coalition Staff

Jenya Cassidy, Coalition Director

Jenya stands for equity, dignity and organizing for power so more Californians can have a voice in public policy and at work. On nights and weekends, she plays a role in a housing rights organization and helps her kids with homework and afterschool activities. She enjoys reading, going to plays and musicals, listening to podcasts while cleaning, and joining picket lines wherever workers are on strike. Jenya lives in Alameda with her three children and is focused on building statewide legislative and education campaigns, building alliances with diverse Coalition organizations, keeping connected to national work-family policy, and the day to day running of Coalition work.




Melisa Acoba, Los Angeles Organizing Director

Melisa's mission is to organize Coalition members and partners to strengthen California’s Paid Family Leave laws and ensure that they are equitable and accessible to all workers.  As a caregiver, Melisa possesses a deep understanding of the challenges to economic security faced by families, which can have long-term and far-reaching impacts.  She is passionate about bridging public health, social justice, and community engagement in advocating for policies that promote health in multiple contexts.  Based in Los Angeles, Melisa loves traveling, photography, and is usually found knitting or sharing baked treats.  


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