Our Work

California’s working families are struggling. The high cost of living makes balancing workplace demands and family caregiving responsibilities harder than ever – especially for the state’s large and growing low wage workforce.

Too many of California’s working families are forced to choose between keeping their jobs and caring for their families’ health. In this challenging economy, preserving quality jobs is critical—jobs that allow workers both to support their families and be productive employees. Transformative, enforceable public policies are needed to make our workplaces work for today’s California families.

All working families have fundamental rights to financially sustain and to care for themselves and their loved ones. We support policies that help California workers preserve their jobs and fulfill their caregiving responsibilities, including:


Increased accessibility, affordability & adequacy of paid leave through policy expansion and implementation: One year of job-protected and paid family leave for bonding and caregiving. Paid sick and safe days for workers for their own illness, to care for family (blood or affinity) and for survivors of domestic violence to take time for safety and support.

Increased breastfeeding support for working parents through a combination of longer leaves and workplace lactation accommodation, including time and space for onsite pumping.

Increased access to quality, affordable childcare: When Paid Family Leave ends, parents need quality, affordable child care in diverse settings of their choosing.

Increased access to family-friendly scheduling: Parents, caregivers, students and all workers need flexible and predictable schedules to support family, education, and a healthy, meaningful life.

Workplaces free from discrimination & harassment

A strong social safety net, family-friendly labor laws and the right to organize


See our 2018 Coalition Work Plan for more details on how we are working to achieve these rights.

From History Channel's HistoryNow: Out of 190 countries, only four do not mandate paid time off for new parents – and the U.S. is one of them. Danny Contreras, a father of 6 and member of the CA Work & Family Coalition, is using his personal experiences to draw attention to the issue.