Paid Family Leave
Labor Project for Working Families’ Vibhuti Mehra, son Sahir and parents.

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When serious illness or injury strikes, many Californians rely on family members for care.  There are over 4 million caregivers of elderly, disabled or chronically ill family members in California.  Caregivers of a seriously ill spouse, domestic partner, child or parent may be eligible for family leave.   But for workers caring for family members outside these narrow categories – including siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, adult children and parents-in-law – providing care comes at an irreparable cost.  When California workers care for a sister with cancer, an adult child injured in a car accident, or a mother-in-law suffering from Alzheimer's, they lose pay and risk job loss to care for their loved ones.


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Paid Family Leave

A new study finds that California’s Paid Family Leave program received high marks from employers and employees alike since its implementation six years ago. Download the report »

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For legal advice about family leave:

Legal Aid Society-Employment
Law Center: (800) 880-8047

Equal Rights Advocates: (800) 839-4372